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About Us

Get to know Vinport

What is Vinport?

We are the first members only wine marketing site to offer primarily imported wines, and, in particular, wines that have not been previously imported to the United States. Equally as important as the wines is our commitment to creating an interactive and rewarding atmosphere for wine lovers. We invite you to provide feedback about our wines, share with friends, learn about winemaking, and explore wines from around the world. Travel with us from a little corner of Umbria in Central Italy to the Stellenbosch Hills of South Africa to the far reaches of New Zealand, South America, and everywhere in between.

We are not a wine retailer but rather a marketing and media firm that connects our wine partners with consumers who appreciate hard to find imported wines from the greatest wine producing regions on earth. 

Who runs Vinport?

A few wine lovers decided it was about time to start a site which not only promoted imported wines, but also helped new brands from around the world find their way into the US market. We do not care how far away or how small the winery is, we only care about the quality of the wine. Each wine promoted on the site has been carefully reviewed and selected by a knowledgeable and experienced tasting panel.

We are firm believers that a good bottle of wine can transport us back to a favorite country or help us to discover a new one. 

How does Vinport work?

Featured Wines: We select and highlight 9-12 Featured wines at a time, typically at discounted prices compared to SRP and other wine retailers. Each deal will last for up to two weeks or until our partners run out of wine. We do NOT promote the leftover and excess product retailers cannot push in their stores. Our experienced tasting panel carefully reviews each wine, especially the newly discovered wines, before we even consider putting it on our site. We then invite you to provide feedback and share with your friends.

Collections: We offer groups of wines, typically 3 or 6 bottles, that are united by a common theme. Some of our Collections will focus on a specific region, grape, or country, while others are designed to provide a variety of options and flavors. It is easy one-click shopping for those customers looking to learn about wine or who are uncertain how to pick out the wine they would like to try.  

90+ Rated: While ratings are not everything, many customers feel more at ease trying wines that have been professionally rated. We offer 9-12 wines at a time that have been rated 90 points or higher by a major rating agency or critic (Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, Wine and Spirits Magazine, Steven Tanzer, James Halliday, Antonio  Galloni... just to name a few!)

Premium: Our Premium wine selections are reserved for those wines which we feel are exceptional. We focus on iconic producers, legendary wines, and undiscovered hidden gems. We strongly believe that is you are going to spend over $50 for a bottle of wine, it should be spectacular!