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  • Star Trek Sampler

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    Varietals: Red Blends

    Star Trek Sampler

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    3 x Klingon Bloodwine
    1 x The City on the Edge of Forever
    1 x Mirror Mirror
    1x The Trouble with Tribbles

    The Collection

    This Collection combines all 4 labels of the Star Trek Wine Collection - Klingon Bloodwine, The Trouble with Tribbles, Mirror Mirror, and The City on the Edge of Forever. Klingon Bloodwine is the latest release, but this Collection also includes the three limited edition and limited production wines that commemorate famous episodes from The Original Series. 

    The Labels

    Each of the labels for The Original Series commemorative wines has been designed by famous artist, Juan Ortiz. Commissioned by CBS, Juan Ortiz has created a collection of 80 original prints to commemorate each episode of The Original Series (including the unaired pilot episode).

    The front label for Klingon Bloodwine is comprised of the bat’leth or “sword of honor,” a traditional Klingon weapon. The back label includes the victorious Klingon phrase: “Celebrate! Tomorrow we may die!” (yIlop! wa’IeS chaq maHegh!). Also, "Bloodwine" appears across the middle of the back label in the original Klingon language (not transposed into the Latin alphabet). 

    Episode: The Trouble with Tribbles

    One of the most beloved Star Trek episodes ever created, "The Trouble With Tribbles" first aired in December of 1967. While the Tribbles were quick to multiply, the wine will unfortunately be quick to disappear. 

    Episode: The City on the Edge of Forever

    Often voted by Trekkies as their all-time favorite episode from The Original Series, "The City on the Edge of Forever" first aired in April of 1967. In order not to disrupt and change the course of history, you should consider adding this wine to your collection.

    Episode: Mirror Mirror

    One of the most iconic and memorable Star Trek episodes ever created, "Mirror Mirror" first aired in October of 1967. Be careful not to travel through any ion storms, as your savage counterpart will surely try to steal your wine!

    Klingon Bloodwine

    Klingon Bloodwine is a wine traditionally consumed in celebration and victory. Whether drunk while reveling in triumph or simply enjoying life among friends, this could be the finest vintage of Klingon Bloodwine until 2309. Traditionally twice as strong as whiskey and best served warm, this sanguine version of Bloodwine is more human-friendly at 13% ABV and can be served slightly chilled or at cellar temperature (60-65 F.)