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Q: Excuse me, but are you guys crazy offering primarily imported wines? Don’t you know that domestic wine sales account for a huge percentage of the US wine market?

A: We’ll defer on the first question, but yes, we do know that domestic wine sales account for a very large percentage of the US wine market. However, domestic wines are so readily available that we felt our industry experience and relationships with importers and wineries around the globe were better served through unique and exclusive offerings of imported wines. Sorry to all the California wine drinkers, but give something a try from South Africa, Spain or Southern Italy. You won’t be disappointed.

Q: What is the Passport and all of the stamps in my account? What do they do?

A: The Passport is our signature rewards program. As you make purchases, share with friends, and interact with us on various social media, you can earn stamps in your Passport. Once you have earned a stamp, it will appear at checkout as a coupon that you can apply to your next purchase. Each stamp has a different value, and the way in which you can earn each stamp is described in your Passport. Have fun and travel the globe!

Q: How can you offer wines at such tremendous discounts? I thought imported wines were always more expensive.

A: Whether a wine is imported or not, the biggest mark-up on a bottle of wine typically occurs at the retail level. A traditional brick and mortar retailer needs to cover its potentially large overhead expenses. Vinport can offer wines at substantially discounted prices because we have partnered with only well-established retailers willing to forgo the large mark-up and pass along the savings to the customer.

Q: I ordered a wine from Vinport and loved it, but now it is no longer on the site. Is it gone forever, or can I reorder it?  

A: While we do indeed run a flash sale site, some of our partners keep the wines around as part of their permenant inventory. If you fell in love with a wine and need to order it again, let us know and we will see if we can help you fill that void in your life! Just email us at and tell us which wine you are looking to reorder.

Q: Where will my wine ship from? How long will it take to get to me? Do you offer expedited shipping?

A: The short answers are: Depends, Depends, and Yes. Please check out the Shipping section of the website, located in the footer, for more detailed information about all of our shipping policies.
A: We have several strategic partnerships with importers and wineries that help us locate, taste, and promote wines from around the world that do not currently have U.S. representation. Our partners are on a mission to find those high quality, reasonably priced gems that for whatever reason have not yet reached U.S. soil. Sometimes the wines come from small vineyards, not large enough to attract the attention of most importers, or perhaps there is a new up and coming winery that is looking to expand internationally. Whatever the reason, it not only makes us feel good to help out those who are under-represented, but we think the chance for you to try something completely new is pretty exciting, too!

Q: Who makes up the Tasting Panel?

A: When assembling the Tasting Panel, we wanted to assess the wine from as many different perspectives as possible. So our Tasting Panel includes vineyard owners, importers, restaurant owners, wine experts, and right down to plain old fashion wine enthusiasts, as well. We believe that this combination of knowledge and expertise, combined with the variety of palates, ensures that the wines selected for Vinport are sophisticated, approachable, and a good value for our customers.

Q: Can I place an order by phone, fax, or mail?

A: Unfortunately, no. All orders must be placed on our website. If you are having difficulties placing your order on the website, please contact us at